The Zen & Now.

Our story begins with a bold dream, tenacious drive, a free spirit, a mountain of Taoist philosophy, and of course, Love. Founder, David Barr, established ZIVA in 2007. What began in Shanghai has now grown into a global fitness brand present in 80 countries.

'You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.'

- Michael Phelps, Olympic-medal winning swimmer (1985 - PRESENT)

This is our journey: so far.

Through his passion and experience in the fitness industry, David identified and understood a growing market demand for strong, functional, and beautiful products. In his quest for perfection, he decided that the products available were not fit for their purpose and so set about designing and manufacturing equipment that would inspire, equip, and break the boundaries of the gym industry.

Strong of the commercial success of ‘COLLECTION’, ZIVA’s first range of premium products, the company quickly scaled up, growing its team and operations across the globe. In 2016 ZIVA finally took over the entire ‘One Wellness’ space in Shanghai, now officially the ZIVA Global Headquarter and Showroom. It is from here that David coordinates the work of 7 ZIVA offices in the world and a team of almost 200 people.

Standout, inspirational design and precision-made, highest quality manufacturing has been at the heart of ZIVA from the beginning. ZIVA’s mission is to create functional products that not only achieve what they are designed to but are also objects that inspire and engender real pride. Recognizing that the world is not one color inspired the range of color coded equipment launched in 2010. ZIVA’s commitment to constant design evolution in order to create a holistic gym ecosystem is so deep a Centre of Excellence for Design is being opened in Italy during 2017.

Ziva now have 3 production facilities, all in China. These strategic partnerships have put ZIVA in the position to positively affect each phase of production ensuring every piece is manufactured with the same passion for precision, improving detail and exceptional quality that is at the core of ZIVA’s ethos. Since 2008 when ZIVA restored much of the original structure of their headquarters with recycled woods and ‘One Wellness’ became the first carbon neutral gym in Asia, and only the second in the world. ZIVA is driven to become an eco-friendly and sustainability aware business.

In the same way ZIVA products empower dramatic individual impact, David believes that as a part of the global community, it is ZIVAs responsibility to constantly find new ways to positively impact our world. ZIVA is always seeking to contribute through positive social and community impact.

The Equipment of Champions.

In the beginning, having ZIVA at the Olympics was an idea and a dream. This came to fruition when ZIVA was appointed Official Partner of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, with the objective of designing, manufacturing and installing the first ZIVA High Intensity Training Lab in Rio De Janeiro, where the athletes of the Brazilian Olympic Team would be able to train in preparation of the Olympic competition.

Ziva also signed a partnership agreement in 2012 with the Brazilian Swimmers Union Institute (PRO16) to develop licensed retail products under the stamp and signature of the Olympic Gold Medalist and World-Champion, Cesar Cielo Filho. In 2013 ZIVA made a world-wide partnership agreement with Team Nogueira. Led by former UFC and Pride Fighting Championship legend Antonio Minotauro Rodrigo Nogueira and his twin brother Antonio to be the official supplier for any free-weight and accessories to all Team Nogueira present and future clubs opened.

ZIVA has now become a worldwide brand, but David doesn’t believe its success has been due to control or time management. To him –ZIVA is a symbol of individual potential: its freedom and energy, and its insatiable hunger for progress and self-improvement. It stands for what is achievable when we put our minds to the task at hand and we are surrounded by love, encouragement, support and the willpower to change, and to simply be better.

The future for the great ZIVA community lies in maintaining that spirit.

'It is not the size of a man but the size of his heart that matters.'

- Evander Holyfield - Former American Professional Boxer. 1984 - 2011