Brazilian Olympic Committee Partnership

Our founder David Li-Barr had a desire that ZIVA should be more than just a creator of excellent equipment, he wanted ZIVA to be a symbol of individual potential: its freedom and energy, and its insatiable hunger for progress and self-improvement.

Nothing in sport embodies those principles more closely than the Olympic ideal. In the beginning, having ZIVA product at the Olympics was just a dream. So there was great pride and deep humility when ZIVA were appointed Partner of the Brazilian Olympic Committee.

The collaboration was to provide and install an entire training centre called the ‘ZIVA Olympic High Performances Athletes Laboratory’, inside the Olympic park. Often the last training zone to warm up before their key events, athletes were inspired to push beyond their boundaries and achieve their best. ZIVA was now truly providing the Equipment of Champions.

In the future ZIVA will continue to build partnerships around the world, collaborating with athletes and organizations as well as sponsoring events and competitions.