Premium commercial wall mounted, corner mounted, and freestanding modular functional storage systems.



Wall mounted & freestanding dual module stations w suspension zone

Infinity THREE

The Infinity THREE series offers all of the functional versatility of Infinity TWO with the addition of ZIVA’s hard duty 3.3m / 10’10” suspension zone. Infinity THREE transforms inefficient traditional spaces into robust group training areas, as the suspension zone adds varied climbing options, dozens of anchor points, and two additional accessory ladders, making options like simultaneous circuit training as easy as it is fun. This series is ideal for schools, gyms, and fitness centers looking to effectively incorporate group training into underutilized spaces. In addition to wall mounted, Infinity THREE also offers a freestanding option which allows for an increase in PT stretching stations and mounting ladders. The sleek roofing system, with hard wear powder coating, allows for a myriad of grip thickness, angle, and width options for bodyweight and advanced brachiation training, while also offering dozens of options for suspension training and rope pulls.

Footprint: 10-20 sqm
Users: 5
Exercise Options: 10-20


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