Inspiring the next generation

As part of the global community we at ZIVA believe it is our responsibility to constantly find new ways to positively impact our world. We see ZIVA as a symbol of individual potential: its freedom and energy, and its insatiable hunger for progress and self-improvement. We believe that health and wellbeing should never be out of reach and not a luxury for just the privileged few. Love, empowerment and positivity are some of our guiding principles and true to our origins we were determined to find a way to give back that is uniquely ours. Therefore, as our business grows and we reach new corners of the world we are exploring creative and innovative ways that ZIVA can have a sustained social impact in the communities that need it most.

Gym in a box

It is recognized widely that a child’s regular participation in sport reduces the likelihood to engage in crime, drugs, and other high-risk behaviors. Our “Gym in a Box” program aims to provide schools in low-income communities with functional training equipment to encourage the next generation to be physically active and mentally determined to take on the responsibility for their own progress. We hope that with the encouragement and support of our programs, these especially vulnerable children will gain the self-belief and will-power to strive to grow out of their humble beginnings and achieve their own life goals.

Modest beginnings

In 2015 ZIVA team members Jillian Irvine and Taisa Ballantyne left the Shanghai head office to visit South Africa and Zimbabwe. Armed with some of our own sports equipment and a whole lot of passion for community building, their trip to Southern Africa gave birth to our “Gym in a Box” program. During this first trial, we donated sports equipment to six schools and after-school programmes impacting the lives of over 350 children. The smiles of the children say it all.

Putting our ‘Gym in a box’ concept to the test in Cambodia

Our vision for “Gym in a box” is global reach, and as the concept evolves we will be seeking to work with partners throughout our worldwide community. This year we partnered with Cambodia based entrepreneur, philanthropy visionary and Fitness BTB head coach Dom Shorthouse to provide lower-income youths a safe space where they will be able to not only workout but also build lifelong friendships and inspire a greater local community spirit.

Watch this space as we report back on this pilot throughout 2017 as we aim to introduce more programs to other areas around the world.